Driving Record Releases

If you are requesting an Alaska, Colorado, Pennsylvania, or Washington, click on the state below to print your consent form. All Other States Please Click Here

All Other States Please Click Here

Employment Background Check Release

Employment Background Check Release

National Wants and Warrants and Credit Report Release

Wants and Warrants / Credit Release

All releases must be physically signed, NOT typed.

You may Fax, Email, or Text your release to the following:

Fax to: (603) 297-1476

Email to: support@references-etc.com

Text to: 207-807-8864 -- IMPORTANT! To text a release please print it, sign it and then take a picture of the signed release and text it to us.

If you do not have a printer you may hand write out the release and send it to us, but it must be physically signed and dated.

      Phone: 207-807-8864