Consumer Inspired Background Checking Services

Job Reference Check Services for Job Hunters

Find out what your references are saying about you.
  • The number one reason a qualified applicant is passed over for a job or promotion is mediocre or bad references.
  • 85% of bosses will ignore their legal departments and spill their guts about your negative points when asked for a reference.
  • Your resume will get you an interview, but your references will seal the deal!
  • Check your own references or screen an applicant's references.

Check Your Driving Record For Accuracy

Is your driving record slowing you down? Find out FAST!
  • Lots of job interviews but no offers? Don't let your driving record stall your career. Many driving records contain errors.
  • Have you been denied employment or insurance? Companies use motor vehicle records as a reliable indicator of lifestyle risk, but is your record accurate? Find out so you can dispute errors that are holding you back.
  • Are you the victim of identy theft? Inaccuracies on your driving record can wreck even the most qualified applicant's chance of success.
  • Accurate information fast! Results returned within and hour after we receive your singed release.

Criminal Background Checks Nationwide

Check your or someone eles's criminal record.
  • Our instant background checks come standard with a Nationwide Criminal,  National Sex Offender, Global Terrorist, Address and SSN Verification and County Criminal (optional)
  • Are you an unknowing victim of criminal identity theft? If you are, you might have skeletons you never knew existed.
  • Accurate Information Fast! Results returned within minutes.

SSN - Social Security Number Verification

Not sure where to start your research? Start with the Social Trace!
  • This is by far one of the most useful and effective screening tools we offer.
  • It is used to verify the subjects identity and match it against Social Security records, which can then be used to plan your criminal search strategy.
  • Results typically provide: When and where the SSN was issued (State and year issued), If it the SSN is valid or belongs to someone who is deceased, All known addresses associated with that SSN (excellent tool for locating counties), All known aliases, Age and Date of Birth
  • Accurate Information Fast! Results returned within minutes.

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  • Nanny and Childcare Screening
  • Contractor Screening
  • Tenant Screening
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