• Q) How do I get a copy of my driving record
  • Getting a copy of your driving record has never been easier. Just fill out the order form and download your record. References-etc has proudly served the online screening needs of business and consumers since 1999 and served over a million driving records to happy satisfied customers around the world.

  • Q) What is the turnaround time for driving records?
  • A) State DMV Driving Record abstracts are returned within 5 - 45 minutes, during normal business hours (9-5 EST M-F), except HI, AK, and PA. HI and AK are returned in 4 -5 hours. The turnaround time for PA is 2 weeks after we receive a signed state release which is required for all Pennsylvania driving record orders.

    If your order requires a release form, your turnaround time starts after we receive the release, during normal business hours.

    Turnaround times are based on experience and subject to change without notice due to State Motor Vehicle delays and/or communication /processing problems or events that are out of our control.


  • Q) Do you offer any discounts
  • A) Yes, we do!

    Volume discount! References-etc. is pleased to offer up to a 25% discount to any company that spends over $500.00. Please contact us to for more information.

    If you are ordering your own driving record you can receive a 15% discount off the total price of your order, by liking us on one of the social media sites listed on our website during the checkout process. . Once you “like” us, the 15% discount will be subtracted from the total price at the end of the order.

  • Q) Is this driving record state certified?
  • A) No, this driving record is not state certified. Only the state can provide a state certified driving record. Our driving records are non-certified driving records that meet employment and insurance screening standards.

  • Q) Can I use this record to obtain a new license in a different state?
  • A) As we are the not the state and every state has different rules and regulations, we cannot answer this question. Please contact the state in which you are applying for a new license, to ask if this record will suffice.

  • Q) I noticed it mentioned I had to provide a release form. Can you please explain what that is, and how I provide it?
  • A)State and Federal laws require that every individual that orders a driving record, credit report, or national wants and warrant record, must first sign a release form, granting us permission to release these results to you. As these records are not public records, you must send us the release form before we may release the results to you.

    Once you place the order, a release form and instructions will be emailed to you. You will then be required to print off the form, physically fill it out, and send it back to us in one of the ways instructed in the email.

    Also, once you submit the order, you may log back into your account to access the release and instructions as well.

  • Q) What is the refund policy?
  • A) During the ordering process, you are required to agree that you will provide us with release form directly after you place the order. This allows us to begin the processing of this order. Our system is automated. When you submit an order, it automatically begins the early stages of progress. Once an order is submitted, it cannot be cancelled or refunded. Orders cannot be refunded, due to failure to provide a release form. Orders that come back as Driver Not Found, due to the submission of incorrect information on the order form, cannot be refunded or reran.

  • Q) I submitted incorrect information on my order. Now what? 
  • A) Unfortunately, orders that have been submitted to us with incorrect information cannot be reran or refunded. This is due to the fact that we are required to pay for every single request that we receive, regardless of whether or not we are provided with the actual report. This includes orders that have been submitted to us containing incorrect information and result in no record being found. We must use the information you provide us with on the order to send the request out to retrieve the information. Then we must pay all of the required fees, and wait for the results to be sent back to us. If the results come back as "driver not found," we still must pay all of those fees regardless. So as the error was not made by our company, but actually in the information you provided us with, we cannot rerun, or refund this order. If you entered information incorrectly, an additional order would have to be placed containing the correct information, in order to obtain the correct results. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • Q) How many years does this driving record cover and what is the cost of the record?
  • A) That all depends on the state. We provide each state’s current driving record. The number of years reported and prices vary from state to state. Below is a list of all states, the number of years the record covers, and the cost of the driving record:

    Alaska - AK 3Y - $20.00

    Alabama - AL 5Y - $22.75

    Arkansas - AR 3Y - $26.50

    Arizona - AZ 3Y - $23.00

    California - CA 3Y - $17.00

    Colorado - CO 7Y - $17.20

    Connecticut - CT 3Y - $30.00

    District of Columbia - DC 3Y - $28.00

    Delaware - DE 3Y - $30.00

    Florida - FL 7Y - $26.95

    Georgia - GA 3Y - $23.00

    Hawaii - HI 3Y - $38.00

    Iowa - IA 3Y - $23.50

    Idaho - ID 3Y - $24.00

    Illinois - IL 3Y - $27.00

    Indiana - IN 7Y - $22.50

    Kansas - KS 3Y - $21.60

    Kentucky - KY 3Y - $20.00

    Louisiana - LA 3Y - $21.00

    Massachusetts - MA 3Y - $23.00

    Maryland - MD 3Y - $27.00

    Maine - ME 3Y - $22.00

    Michigan - MI 3Y - $22.00

    Minnesota - MN 3Y - $20.00

    Missouri - MO 3Y - $16.25

    Mississippi - MS 3Y - $29.00

    Montana - MT 3Y - $22.25

    North Carolina - NC 3Y - $23.00

    North Dakota - ND 3Y - $18.00

    Nebraska - NE 3Y - $18.00

    New Hampshire - NH 3Y - $32.00

    New Jersey - NJ 5Y - $27.00

    New Mexico - NM 3Y - $21.50

    Nevada - NV 3Y - $22.00

    New York - NY 3Y - $22.00

    Ohio - OH 3Y - $20.00

    Oklahoma - OK 3Y - $42.50

    Oregon - OR 3Y - $17.00

    Pennsylvania - PA 3Y - $27.00

    Rhode Island - RI 3Y - $35.00

    South Carolina - SC 3Y - $22.25

    South Dakota - SD 3Y - $20.00

    Tennessee - TN 3Y - $22.00

    Texas - TX 3Y - $22.50

    Utah - UT 3Y - $24.00

    Virginia - VA 3Y - $22.00

    Vermont - VT 3Y - $32.00

    Washington - WA 5Y - $33.95

    Wisconsin - WI 3Y - $20.00

    West Virginia - WV 3Y - $24.00

    Wyoming - WY 3Y - $20.00

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